Time Line Therapy® Made Easy – Second Edition

This is the Second Edition – almost totally re-written.

The intention behind this is not to give you an inspirational book, but to offer you a self-empowering guide. Adriana wants to bring to your awareness the potential offered by an offshoot of NLP, which are Time Line Therapy® Techniques. Here we share with you the beginning of the process, and we hope you will use it to your benefit. The intention is to help you to let go of past burdens and create happiness and success in your life.

You need this book if you’re serious about understanding how change works and how easy is to do it, once you have the right tools.

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Time Line Therapy® Made Easy – Second Edition


Time Line Therapy® Made Easy – Second Edition

Adriana James, M.A, Ph.D.

Are you troubled of your past? Do you feel trapped and alone? If yes, then let us introduce you to a surprisingly fast and easy way to rediscover yourself and let go of your past.

It might sound like a pipe dream, but in just a few moments we are going to show you a surprisingly easy and fast way to help your clients overcome all of those negative emotions so they can move forward with their lives. This brilliant therapeutic and coaching technique has allowed people around the world to make significant changes within their lives.

If you are a coach or you are considering embarking on the career path as a coach, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to become part
of an extensive and rapidly growing community of people who will support you in becoming a truly outstanding coach.
The revolutionary techniques we uncover present the opportunity for you to
not only begin transforming your own life, but also the lives of others as well. These techniques work, as hundreds of thousands of people around the world can attest. Through the techniques presented in this guide, you can coach others towards achieving a tremendous amount of positive change in all areas of life, including:

• Career and Business
• Health and Fitness
• Family and Relationships
• Personal Growth and Development
• Spirituality
Whether you already have a thriving business as a coach or you are considering entering this exciting career field, you will find something
of benefit in this guide. Make sure you are at the cutting edge by acquainting yourself with coaching and Time Line Therapy®.
What is Time Line Therapy ® and How can it Help your Clients?
Imagine for a minute that you are able to influence memories in a way that makes it possible to be rid of the past negative emotions and beliefs that can result in tremendous burdens and limit future consequences.
What would be the result? Without such negative emotions, the result would be a happier, more successful and more balanced life.

Here are just a few of the many cutting edge things you will learn:
• Develop a new way of looking at your mind and life in general
• How to rearrange key unconscious resources to achieve a better life
• Learn to influence and encourage your unconscious mind
• Eliminate obstacles faced in everyday life
• Eliminate fears quickly and easily

Are you considering a career as a coach? It is a worthwhile and rewarding field. Right at this moment there are millions of people around the world that need help in making changes. Coaches are helping them to do just that. Many people hire a coach to help them make changes such as starting a business, losing weight or entering a satisfying relationship. This guide shows you precisely how to help them do just

How This Guide Will Help You

Our entire goal in creating this guide was so that coaches and prospective coaches could take advantage of a self-empowering guide that would bring about awareness of the potential offered by the art and science of Time Line Therapy ® techniques. By learning to let go of past burdens, it is possible to create happiness and success within your life as well as the lives of others.
Time Line Therapy ® techniques not only assist in eliminating the negative past experiences that can limit opportunities right now, but they also make it possible to create a future that is empowering in the present. If you think that it sounds easy and promising, you would be right on both counts because it is!
Still Not Convinced?

Take a Look at the Chapters Included in this Guide:
• Your Unconscious Mind
• How it Works
• The Inspired Time Traveler
• A Taste of Transformation
• A Time Line Experiment
• Root Cause: Tapping Transformation
• Fear Away, Welcome Determination
• Goodbye Guilt, Hello Future
• Putting Success in Your Future, Now
• SMART Goals
• A Time Line Goals Experience
• Using Temporal Language
• Your Future with Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy ® Made Easy is a comprehensive
130-page introduction to Time Line Therapy ® techniques, as well as the
business and profession of coaching.


Time Line Therapy® – What Your Life Could Be Without Negative Emotions  

If you ever wondered about Time Line Therapy® techniques, “How do I use them?” “What do they do?” “ How do I make them work?” then read this book. It will give you a way of transforming disturbing memories and events from the past into positive learning’s you can use for the future and it will change for the better the way you fell about yourself in an unquestionable way.

If you think the dramas and traumas of your past are permanent and there is nothing you can do about them, you’re in for a big surprise. A powerful but controversial subject, Time Line Therapy® blows the lid to everything you thought you knew about the transformation of mind and the persistence of negative emotions into a happy well-adjusted life. Adriana James uncovers a surprisingly easy way of making this transformation possible.

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