VidChats with Drs. Adriana and Tad James

Drs. Adriana and Tad James conduct an on-line live question and answers program called the VidChat. Each chat goes for about 2 hours and covers Basic to Advanced levels of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching.

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VidChats with Drs. Adriana and Tad James


Be it an experienced Master of NLP or someone new to the field – here you have access to 30 years of experience answering questions from people out there using the techniques that Tad James has been teaching for over 30 years!

With over 11 x 2 hours VidChats of educational interaction on some of the big questions and thinking around getting results with clients, yourself and business it’s a great reference material that will show you how to think around the problem and outside of the box/

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